"FLEXY" is a highly-skilled professional sharing service that offers a new way of working from 2 or 3 days a week, targeting engineers, designers, CTOs, and technical advisors. We only introduce our client's own product projects. Many companies are seeking highly-skilled professionals for core roles as technical advisors, tech leads, main designers, project managers, etc in high profile projects. If you are currently a freelancer and would like to acquire more projects, or if you are considering a side job while working as a full-time employee, our coordinators will work with your needs and make the most suitable proposal for you.


Hello, Pythonistas! We are HENNGE and we are thrilled to be a part of PyCon JP once again! Our product, HENNGE One, is a leading cloud security service in Japan, enabling customers to adopt flexible work environments and safely harness the power of the cloud from any location. With cloud security taken care of, you can focus on achieving results by working smartly. We continuously bridge the gap between tomorrow's ideas and today's real-world needs through SaaS. Together with you, we are striving to inspire change in the world through the liberation of technology. Python Engineers wanted!
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. "builders.flash", a web magazine provided by AWS, provides developers with fun and practical topics to learn about every month. We also offer a free e-mail membership, which provides exclusive benefits for e-mail members (only in Japanese).
Findy helps engineering organizations and individuals improve their development experiences. Founded in 2016 and based in Tokyo, the Engineering Intelligence products, Findy, Findy Freelance, and Findy Teams, are trusted by over 100,000 software engineers users and over 750 companies from start-ups to enterprises.


Microsoft Cloud is a hybrid cloud platform that combines enterprise-class security and governance by comprehensively deploying cloud-native development, data analysis, machine learning, and AI from the edge to the cloud, including a robust cloud development platform that supports engineers such as Microsoft Azure and GitHub. We offer a number of services to help engineers focus on innovation and achieve their goals.
ROYAL AGENT is one of the few agencies specializing in the AI/DX and data science fields! We provide detailed counseling to job seekers, and offer pinpoint jobs that respect each individual's aspirations, including jobs that are not open to the public. ・increase my annual salary. ・more research-oriented development. ・find a company with a good development environment. etc... We can help you with your future job search or just career consultation. We believe that we are the most understanding HR consulting agency about AI and DX industries. Please feel free to take this opportunity to contact us!
LAPRAS uses exceptional machine learning technology and crawling technology to gather the information you have openly published on the Internet and automatically generate your “profile.” This profile page visualizes your potential ability not only be viewed at will, but you can even update it. In addition, you can stock and access companies that show interest in you as potential future employers. We also inform you of places where your abilities can be utilized and support your skill upgrades. When you are looking for growth opportunities or a place to excel, LAPRAS will provide it.
At SQUEEZE, our vision is to "become a platform that expands the possibilities of space and time". While operating facilities as a hotel operator, we are also developing "suitebook," a hotel management SaaS, to refine both businesses and promote hotel DX from both "technology" and "operation" perspectives.
We originated to authorize tests and learning materials, which serve as guidelines for study, in addition to schools in order to support the training of sound Python programmers who understand Pythonic as the market for the language grows.
note is a media platform where creators can freely post and sell various contents such as texts, images, audio and video, and readers can enjoy the contents ,support creators and make purchases. Our mission is “Start, and Keep on Creating.” and we aim to be an infrastructure that creators can express and continue with their creative activities. Currently, the number of user accounts of note has more than 5 million, and there are more than 24 million contents by creators. Approximately 20,000 to 30,000 contents are submitted per day, and many works born from note have been made into dramas, movies, and publications. We will continue to grow our products while valuing a safe atmosphere and diversity so that creators can continue to enjoy their creations.
Scala Communications,Inc. provides a wide range of SaaS/ASP services that support communication between companies and individuals. We look beyond the client's apparent needs to find the true issues and propose the optimal solutions necessary to resolve them.
iRidge, Inc. provides solutions of web services and smartphone applications with "Tech Tomorrow" as our mission. We use Python/Django for our products such as O2O/OMO solution 'FANSHIP', development tool for voice assistant 'NOID', and the script improvement tool to support backend operation. We actively sponsors technical conferences and holds in-house study sessions. Development Environment - ES6, TypeScript, Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Storybook, GraphQL - Python, Django, Docker,Go - AWS(ECS, etc..),Terraform, Datadog, Pagerduty, GitLab/CI.
BeProud is a Japanese software development company known for welcoming many excellent Pythonistas. We constantly improve our technical prowess through our work building new services and web applications for clients. In addition to our client work, we also run a few web services including connpass, an event platform for building connections, PyQ the best way to learn Python online, and TRACERY, an online platform to maintain the traceability of documents. We are doing our best to help improve Python and Python's community and publish books regularly about Python programming.
マイクロアドは国内最大規模のデータプラットフォームを展開する会社です。 月間1600億件のリクエストを捌くDSP「UNIVERSE Ads」を始め、SSP「MicroAd COMPASS」やデータプラットフォーム「UNIVERSE」によって最適化されたインターネット広告を提供しています。 また、これらサービスによって蓄積される膨大なオンラインユーザーデータを生かし、オフラインも含めた企業のマーケティング課題、ビジネス課題の解決にも取り組んでいます。 弊社は、自社サービスを支える Python エンジニアを募集しております。ご興味がある方、ぜひお問い合わせください!
Recustomer, Inc. offers Recustomer, a service that improves the shopper's purchase experience, including payment at the time of purchase, post-purchase order tracking, returns and cancellations. We provide these three services: "Recustomer Checkout" for one-click payment "Recustomer Tracking" for product tracking "Recustomer Return & Cancel, a tool for automating returns, exchanges, and order cancellations Our services create new business opportunities through unprecedented "post-purchase" customer contact.
UrbanX Technologies was established in 2020 with our mission to "Update city infrastructure to enrich everyone's lives". We provide RoadManager to realize our vision, "To implement flexible city infrastructure management". RoadManager is a tool for infrastructure management agencies to empower efficient road management operations. By using smartphones attached to observation cars, we process road images to detect, then provide information about when and where roads have been damaged. We are looking for machine learning, image processing researchers, web engineers, designers who have strong knowledge with UX/UI. If you are interested, please visit our booth.
Established in 2014. We are developing and providing our service, "Safie", with "Create a better future with intelligent vision as our company." "Safie" is a cloud-based video management platform which brings our customers a new standard to manage their video assets anytime and anywhere. We have the top market share among all cloudcams company in Japan. The business growth potential in collaboration with the administration and major companies are highly appreciated. In September 2021, we got listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange of Growth Market. We currently promote "DXing the 'site' of various industries with video data" as our new concept.
JetBrains is a cutting-edge software vendor specializing in the creation of intelligent development tools, including PyCharm. PyCharm is designed by programmers, for programmers, and is an all-in-one solution for productive Python development.
Kraken, part of the Octopus Energy Group, is the world's leading customer and culture platform for energy, water and broadband. A unique blend of operating model and technology that frees teams from legacy systems and empowers them to act with autonomy on behalf of customers. A modern cloud-based architecture with continuous deployments that delivers high speed innovation and access to real-time data. With 25 million customers already migrated in 9 countries, we've only just begun. Come visit us and find out more.
Churadata was founded in August 2017 with one mission: create "the most interesting job" in Okinawa. This summer, reaching our 5th anniversary since founding, we have more than 50 members. We take pride in our core work ethics and values of flexible work hours and employees having the freedom to choose where they wish to work. Currently, 20% of our employees are working remotely, with employees living all throughout Japan. Our areas of expertise range from business consulting to data maintenance, data infrastructure construction, data analysis, and application development. We primarily use Python in many of these said undertakings. Our strength as a corporation is that we have members with a wide variety of skills both in and out of the Okinawa Prefecture.
DATUM STUDIO is a data analytics consulting and software development company, that uses data and technology to solve corporate management issues. As a partner to our clients, we provide sustainable growth and new possibilities for business.
M3 operates a multitude of global services centered around its physician platform. Our mission is "Making use of the Internet to increase, as much as possible, the number of people who can live longer and healthier lives, and to reduce, as much as possible, the amount of unnecessary medical costs.

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